Professional picture framers association

The Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) is an association founded to help the small business owner to improve his or her framing and business skills through education and camaraderie. The Framers’ Corner is a forum available to members to ask specific questions and be assured that they will be answered by professionals who have years of experience in custom picture framing.  Members can post requests for mouldings or mats which are currently unavailable through a vendor on the forum and can possibly get what they need from other members. Various techniques for framing unique items, such as African masks, straight razors, x-rays, roof tiles, etc., can be asked and answered on this forum.

Serving the art and framing community worldwide, the PPFA leads its members to discover new business opportunities and enhance custom framing skills. PPFA continues a history of building a network of knowledge and support, establishing best practices and providing services essential for entrepreneurial success.

For more information about the PPFA, see their website at

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