Certified Picture Framer

Through the PPFA Certified Picture Framer (CPF®) Program, a framer tests his or her knowledge in the five exam content areas: Preservation, General Knowledge, Mechanical, Math and Mounting…and earn the framer's mark of excellence, the CPF® designation. More than 3,800 individuals worldwide have achieved CPF® status since the program's inception in 1986 .

I became one of the first CPFs® in the world by taking the test in 1986.

In developing the PPFA Certified Picture Framer (CPF®) Program, PPFA sought the expertise of industry leaders representing a wide range of educational backgrounds and proven talents in the picture framing industry. The objectives of the PPFA Certification program include:

- Raising the standards of the profession. 

- Encouraging self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement. 

- Identifying individuals with acceptable knowledge of principles and practices of the profession. 

- Awarding recognition to those who have met the established criteria. 

  1. -Improving education within the industry by encouraging participation in continuing education programs.


The art and framing industry is not a static one — it's a constantly changing field with new techniques and products continually being developed. Framers must stay on top of these advances. That's why PPFA® developed the Recertification program, designed to ensure that Certified Picture Framers continue to update their knowledge in the industry and keep abreast of the latest technology. Like the CPF® exam, the Recertification course is the result of a collaborative effort of industry experts. The Recertification course is updated on an ongoing basis.

Recertification is a requirement every five years for framers who became certified after 1994. I have taken the all-day course every three years since it was introduced in 1994 because of the great training provided in this refresher course.

For more information about CPFs, see their website at www.ppfa.com.

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